Chanting the verses from Shantideva’s Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life can transform our  limiting attitude that it is all about us and open us to a more spacious understanding of life.

I shall give away fully with no sense of loss

My body, enjoyments and all merits of the three times 
(past, present and future)

To accomplish the work for ALL sentient beings.

By giving away all, I will be liberated from the oceans of samsaric suffering


And my mind will achieve the sorrowless state.

Since I have to leave everything (at death)

It is best to (now) give it away to every single sentient being.


Having given this body to sentient beings

To use HOWEVER they want that makes them happy.

Whether they always kill me, criticize, beat me, or whatever,

It is TOTALLY up to them.


Even if they jest with my body,

Ridicule me, put me down or make fun of me,

Whatever they do, since I have given this body to them,

What is the point of retaliating?
Let this body only do actions that cause no harm to others

And whoever looks at or thinks of me

May it NEVER be meaningless for them.


Whoever focuses on me—

Whether with anger or devotion—

May that ALWAYS be the cause for them 
To achieve EVERY success.


May all who say unpleasant things,

Harm, mock or make fun of me

Have the fortune to achieve enlightenment.


May I become a guide for those who are guideless,

A leader for those who are entering the path,

A ship, a boat, and a bridge

For all who wish to cross (over water).


May I become a beautiful garden for those who seek one,

A light for those who look for light,

Bedding for those who wish to rest

And a servant for all who want me as their servant.


Like a wish-granting jewel,

A wish-fulfilling vase, powerful mantra,

Great medicine and a wish-granting tree,

May I fulfill all the wishes of sentient beings.


Just like the sky and the great elements

Earth, (water, fire and wind)

May I ALWAYS be the means of living and the cause of happiness

For sentient beings equaling the limitless sky.


As long as space exists

As long as sentient beings exist

May I too abide and eliminate the suffering of sentient beings.