Why am I so eager to rebuild Bloginni, after it was destroyed by hackers? Because I love reaching out to others, sharing my thoughts and be a part of the way blogs and social media are creating new connections that would never have been possible before…

And because:
1.    The Blogosphere is a playful, experimental medium that is constantly renewing and reinventing itself in new incarnations.
2.    Blogs are an accessible and easy way for your audience to find you.
3.    Blogs are an economical way to reach out – no production cost., no printing and no mailing.
4.    Blogs are green: there is no carbon footprint
5.    Blogs are immediate. Without production time, the schedule disappears and ideas go from your mind to your audience in moment.
6.    Blogs are personal and  individual. Your blog will not be a slick, sanitized by-product of a committee pouring over ever word and vetting it.
7.    You can be discovered easily by searchers… the very audience you want – the ones who are interested in your topic!
8.    Blogs allow two way communication. There ore open interactive and dynamic.
9.    Blogs allow us to be responsive, interactive, open, trusting, sharing and personal.
10.    Blogs represent the spirit of Web 2.0. Not one agenda, but an evolving open-ended  unfolding approach to your public, composed of ongoing interaction.
11.    Blogs convey a sense of community and common ground.
12.     A blog lets us to float new ideas and see if otherss will be enthusiastic.
13.    A blog’s flexible format allows it to change from day to day. One day you are polling your audience for feedback, the next day showing a video of a new experience the day after that giving the results of your poll.
14.    Audio and video podcasts, comments, links, allow the blog to be utilize a range of media.
15.    Blogs reach new people and enlarge our world.