Tantra Song is a book which triumphed over a series of barriers. The result is a rare glimpse into an art form in which East and West, the spiritual and the aesthetic, the ancient and the modern converge.

Siglio, Tantric Song’s publisher, details the books wild history:

This collection of rare, abstract Tantric painting originates in French poet Franck André Jamme’s journey to India twenty-five years ago when he first searched in vain for the source of these intensely beautiful and concise works. On the road to Jaipur, he survived a deadly bus accident, returning to Paris with wounds that took two years to heal. Back in India just a few years later, he met a soothsayer who proclaimed that Jamme, in his suffering, had paid sufficient tribute to the goddess Shakti and—so long as he vowed to visit the tantrikas alone or with someone he truly loves—he could enter the very private communities of adepts who make and use these paintings for their spiritual practice.

TANTRA SONG: Tantric Painting from Rajasthan, edited and with writings by Franck André Jamme
With an introduction by Lawrence Rinder, an essay by André Padoux, and an interview by Bill Berkson. Translated from the French by Michael Tweed.

$39.95 • HB with dustjacket • 112 pages • 8 x 11 •
over 50 color illustrations • ISBN: 978-0-9799562-7-0