Attributed to Mahesha, India 1570

Rustam Kills A Demon, Attributed to Mahesha, India 1570

Many of us go into practice thinking it will allow us to magically shed all unwanted feelings and attachments. Yet, our obsessions and addictive thoughts often seem to intensify on the cushion. It takes time to realize this is the gift: facing our demons.

When we dive into our problems and obsessions, gradually the impulse to escape gives way to the desire to investigate. We experience curiosity, interest and a feeling of discovery. We see the nuances and can let go of the cliches of being overwhelmed, wronged or victimized.

Then we can see the universality of our experience. We notice that we have this suffering in common with others.

“Face the terrible, face it boldly. The hardships of life fall back when we cease to flee before them.”  Vivekananda